do it anyway.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash | Nike’s iconic TV ad campaign (1987) — Just Do It.

At my workplace, the housekeeping staffs just had the floor cleaned assuming that we all went for lunch but turns out we came back to pick up our lunch which happens to be in the room that they just cleaned. This means that we either have to wait till the floor is dry or we’ll have to walk on a clean, wet surface which is not only dangerous but can stain the floor thanks of our filthy footwear. I chose to remove my footwear and proceed inside. That kind of took everyone by surprise, just like what I did here.

My colleagues had mixed feelings on this one —

Should I remove the footwear like he did or should I just proceed?

Would that make me a bad person here if I just walked right in?

I’m already hungry and I’m not ready for this

Some praised my actions and the rest hated me.

Shia LeBouf’s signature meme | GIPHY



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