Don’t Stop

Abhishek Ramakrishnan
3 min readJul 2, 2020

Remember the guy that quit? Neither does anybody else.

image by Fab Lentz from Unsplash

People have a history of motivation by the usual mantra of ‘Keep trying’, ‘You will never know how far you got to’…kinda works but after a certain point, we seek motivation to keep going.

So, what can possibly make us not stop our pursuit of success? I have two different stories interconnected to a commercial (of all things) for you today.

First, please watch the video made by a marketing firm for the 2016 Audi Q7 — something completely unrelated to the car but to put it in Simon Sinek’s words — “The only things that they have in common is that they have nothing in common”. I honestly stopped questioning this logic after having two of my best friends from elementary school and college who are extroverts and I am a not-so-social kinda guy.

Anyways, watch this 45-second commercial down below to proceed reading if you need this article to make sense:

‘Greatness starts when you don’t stop’ — a ground-breaking commercial made by Audi

I remember seeing this advertisement in 2015 and it made no sense to me ‘Why would they not make a commercial that is related to the product/service?’ but boy did they make one.

This made sense to me when I was watching the movie ‘Gandhi’ on air for the second of October. When M.K. Gandhi was first debuted to the people of India in a meeting, almost every one of them left thinking how would a lawyer educated abroad be able to help with the freedom of India. He did notice people leaving as he was giving his speech. He could have stopped and left like everyone of us would have done but he did not. He did not stop, not for a second. On witnessing that insane commitment to the pursuit of what he was doing, people came back.

He could have stopped, of course, he could have. If he would have stopped that day, we wouldn't be seeing him Indian currency notes circulated to this day in India — now that’s a success.

Now, here is a small story of my life where the ‘Never Quit Trying’ paid off:

Ever since lockdown, we bought a carrom board where all of my family members are pretty good on. Not for me. All I do is shuffling the coins by not even trying to hit the shot. But I tried ‘cutting’ (a move in carrom, google it if you are not familiar) the coins which would look so cool if you get it right, but if you miss it — you are gonna be a meme till the end of the day. I tried almost a hundred times and I failed. Either my striker didn't touch the coin or I would miss the pocket. They thought I would stop but I didn't so the pain-train continued…for a long time. They asked me to assist in winning matches, not earn dumb style points for the cuts that I made but I didn't. I would try crazy shots that look impossible to work, until it did.

Moral of this story: Never, ever stop trying — I genuinely hope I would take this advice but here I am.

This was a long article and I hope you would have benefitted from the content. If it did help you, apply it in real life, not on the ‘clap’ button — this is not Instagram. Your feedback on my writing style and my content will always be welcome.

In the days of cringe TiK ToK videos and ASMR channels on Twitch, you came to this article — you are my MVP. Thank you for your valuable time!