Execution, all the way.

Abhishek Ramakrishnan
3 min readNov 9, 2020


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It is genuinely hard to come up with an idea. But to execute the idea the way it is envisioned is a beast on its own.

We all have had our own opinions about our own/other’s ideas as —

  • brilliant
  • good
  • ‘yeah…maybe, why not?’
  • this is total crap

Well, there are your opinions and the best part about opinions is that it doesn’t affect anyone unless they choose to.

Just like half of the stories I published, this was inspired by Shark Tank where a bunch of ideas/businesses are pitched to angel investors every season. From those, two pitches stood out to me in particular —

1. NoPhone // Shark Tank 7x23

As it sounds but worse —

it is a piece of plastic that mimics a mobile phone for your hand to feel that there’s one always in your hand to curb today’s generation’s inability of put their mobile phones down at any point of literally…anyday.

Let me be honest here: Right off the bat, I thought this was stupid and there’s a fair chance you might feel the same. You should read their product description on Amazon. It is like a troll but something that exists in reality that you can buy with real money. The point here is — they sold 17,000 units of absolutely nothing but a piece of plastic (and a mirror if you get the selfie upgrade). That is some god-tier execution, not gonna lie.

And, then there’s the NoPhone Air

the actual screen capture from their website

I wish I could say that this is not real.

2. Potato Parcel // Shark Tank 8x06

If you are too lazy to Google to see what they do, here’s the TL;DR —

They mail potatoes to people…with messages and maybe a picture if that’s what you want.

This company exists today thanks to a meme on Reddit and believe me when I say that I’m not making this up. Please do yourself a favour and watch their pitch which will be worth every second. I’ll embed the trailer of their pitch if that can lure you to watch that episode below. Their pitch on Shark Tank was my primary inspiration to publish this story.

Potato Parcel is the living proof that you can trust in your insane idea, if you are willing to work for it.

Many had their own way of phrasing this —

“Ideas are easy. What’s hard is doing the work”

“Ideas are cheap, execution is everything”

No matter how much you shuffle those words, the meaning remains the same.

You may not have the best idea or maybe your friend/family member thinks it is stupid. The only way to know if it works the way its supposed to is — to execute. Many great ideas have fallen thanks to poor execution and/or bad management.

If you are into TV shows, you should consider watching Silicon Valley on HBO (available on Disney + Hotstar in India). This TV shows how a brilliant idea can be destroyed if it is managed/executed poorly.

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