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Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash | ‘You become something else entirely’; ‘Which is?’ — ‘Legend’

Here are two real-life instances where two individuals are openly exploited not because they’re not aware of it but because they are okay with it —

story #1 | The Lecturer

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During my mother’s college days, she was fortunate enough to get a brilliant lecturer who innovatively approaches the concepts that he teaches in his classes. But the class students ridiculed his accent.

Does it seem fair?

It obviously doesn’t. But we all have done it, haven’t we?

When he’s been told that his accent was subjected to ridicule, he told that he’s well aware of it. He also mentioned that he was fine with it and chose not to comment on it any further.

So, why was he fine with it? Because he’s beyond all of us, that’s why.

story #2 | The Colleague

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My cousin mentioned a colleague who gets to do everybody’s work just because they are ‘off for the day’ or when they wanted to get off of work early. This is not uncommon or wrong because there’ll always be uncertainties.

But the real reason why he mentioned this particular person was because his team members were exploiting him without any bounds just because he won’t say no to their requests.

When my cousin told him that his team members are deliberately piling him with their work so that they can get off early, he said he’s well aware of it. He added that it's good for him because it will improve the understanding of the project as well — of course, with a smile.

So, why was he fine with it? Because he’s beyond all of us, that’s why.

You and I would have stopped the minute we learn that we’ve been exploited and that is why we will always dwell as ‘lesser’ beings. Try not to worry too much about it because we will always be the majority.

In this world filled with (for a lack of less offensive word) jerks, they are the ones who chose to be the way they are because someone needs to restore the balance.

I’ve always believed that this portion of The Dark Knight theme was dedicated to the ones who chose to do good not because they wanted the recognition but because that fulfils their existential purpose even if it comes with the sacrifice of self-respect.

I’d kindly ask you to watch The Dark Knight trilogy even if you are not into superhero movies because the genre that it sits in is an insult to what it stands for. I have a dedicated story on The Dark Knight if you are interested.

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