It is the spirit of belief. Sounds too fancy? Ask an atheist who’s been on a near-death experience over which they had no control. That‘ll do.

Abhishek Ramakrishnan
3 min readSep 18, 2023
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Here are two of my real-life experiences surrounding ‘Faith’ —

Story# 1 ‘I Paid’

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A person at my father’s workplace owed him some money. He returned the amount in cash and my father accepted it. Upon returning back home, I counted the cash and I clearly found the amount to be less than what my father claimed that it was. On confirming the deficit, my father decided to call the person and double-check. The person said that he paid the claimed amount and asked us to check if we had misplaced the amount that was missing. Clearly, he didn’t offer the amount that he said he offered because we searched everywhere for almost an entire day. Then we realised that the faith my father had in that man was tested.

He then said –

Anything could have happened, he could have dropped it somewhere, we could have dropped it somewhere…anywhere. If I would have counted, this would not have been the case but that is not how I want to treat them but this happened. The responsibility is ours after we receive so, let us move on and accept it as it is.

It was awful to realize that we might have been a victim of cheating but it does make sense the more I thought about it.

Story #2 Veggies & Vision

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I was sent to get some vegetables and I came across this person who was sitting on the side of a street selling close to my neighbourhood. It didn’t take too long for me to realise that he was blind. I got some and after handing over the cash for which I specified the amount – he took my word (because I did not see him count or feel them) and handed me a bunch of bills and asked me to check if it adds up. I counted and I said I’m still running a few short. He then handed over the change (unsurprisingly — which is the exact amount that I was short) and went back to his business as usual.

The level of trust and faith he had on a random stranger was absolutely astounding and it took me a good 30 minutes to process – this is the story that led me to write this one so that people like Mr. Vegetable Merchant can help us restore faith in everyday life.

Am I asking you to pretend to be blind and test people around you? It does sound like fun but no. But it is far too impressive to see the extremes that exist in our lives every day. The simple beauty of faith is it will always be tested. That is what makes faith…faith.

But if you ask me, I’d count the bills after it has been handed to me.

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