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#1 THE ONES trying their best to include someone who feels out of place

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These are not the extroverts who adopt the introverts to make them feel like a part of their group. These are the ones who try their very best to make sure that every single member of the group is a part of the conversation. When I got an opportunity to meet the team that I’m supposed to work with on my first job after two whole months after joining, I felt so out of place. Me and my team had nothing in common. None were even in the same age group as I am so I had a hard time to connect with any of them. Well, there was a hero there. She did her very best trying with all of her powers to make sure that I can somehow be a part of the group by finding something in common to bring me into the conversation.

The hero we do not deserve but the hero we all need.

#2 THE ONES going out of their way trying their best to help others

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The last mile connectivity to my work was always a problem and there is no proper, regular transport. So I had to tag along with my other colleagues to reach my workplace every day. It did suck that I had to annoy somebody to reach there but there were heroes there as well. One of my colleagues went out of her way to follow up with me so that I can reach there on-time. She went to the trouble of checking with me 3 times despite my ignorance and arrogance.

The hero we do not deserve but the hero we need.

Thank you, for making this world a better place.



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