It’s just your mind!

Abhishek Ramakrishnan
3 min readJun 26, 2020

Your mind is the most underrated tool in the situations you deal with in everyday life — here’s how you make it work for you

image by Pawel Szvmanski from Unsplash

Aren’t you just tired of hearing this? ‘You gotta get a change of mindset’, ‘Stop thinking about it’, ‘Why don’t you get some fresh air?’

Boy, if it were so easy, we would have done it, don’t we? But, what if I told you: It is not easy but if done, it could unlock several layers of possibilities that you had no idea were possible? You would think I am an idiot — you could but I wouldn’t have to think about it.

See? People can do, think, act whatever the way they want but what matters is what your mindset is. If you could overcome that, the game of life might suddenly switch to ‘easy’ mode.

I have been meaning to write an article on this for a long time but one article is will not suffice the vast amount of details to cover. So, let’s call this the preamble of something that I call “Mind Conditioning”. Fancy term but that’s where the ‘fanciness’ end.

Before I explain the nuances in training your mind for any situation that you might come across your everyday life, here’s what most of you are wondering: ‘Why should I care?’. Your mind i.e., your brain controls your body. Even if you are in the pink of your health, a small setback might leave a sick-feel to your day. That’s the effect your mind has on your body. You don’t want that.

Before I throw more motivational, psychology bull-crap at you, I always love listening to examples (stories) to explain a concept so, here’s mine:

I never had to travel more than 2 kilometers (10 minutes) to my school in 12 years of my education but the college I joined at made me travel over three hours in a single day. The first day of travel made me sick or gave me that ‘sick-feeling’ that I was talking about. But as days passed by, I didn't get the same ‘feel’ as I did earlier. This is what you call ‘habituation’ but on a broader spectrum, this is the mind conditioning you do to yourself even without your knowledge — involuntary mind conditioning. This is very essential for your life and without this, we would not be able to do many activities of our everyday life without devoting too much of your resources which leads to stress. For example, driving your car every day might feel like your first driving lesson every time without habituation.

See what I'm getting to? Since your mind is so powerful that it can condition itself, you can train it to get through adversities you might face every now and then.

I tend to have such a short span of attention so, I won't bombard you with more words than most can process in a single article. So, I will try to cover the next part as short and as descriptive as possible in my next article.

In the days of rolling photos with voice-overs on YouTube, you took your time to read, you are my MVP. Thank you for your valuable time!