Science & Religion

Abhishek Ramakrishnan
3 min readAug 21, 2020

Just like every other teenager with no other problems to worry about, I was so proud to call myself an ‘atheist’. Because that is like a right-of-pass to be cool in middle/high school (at least that’s what I thought and boy was I wrong). I used to make fun of my family members, some of my friends and acquaintances who believe in God and who are committed to a religion.

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But, soon after the death of some of my family members who are really close made me to never believe in religion ever again. But, the more I was thinking about the entire premise about the existence of God and superstitions ‘Why do people follow religion/God despite there is no valid proof of existence?’

Here’s why —

We all fear of something. Most people believe that the belief of existence in higher powers can keep people in line — which is totally fine if it can keep the world from crumbling into pieces.

But is it purely fictional? Does God really exist?

I’m not here to debate that fact and this entire post is purely my opinion. Just like every other opinion, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you believe in.

I’m not sure whether God exists or not but what I do know is why people stick to religion. I stumbled upon a reddit post on r/unpopularopinion that made me write this post. The person who posted it (OP) said that “I was an Atheist and believing in religion made me happier”. Many people in the comments seem to agree the same. I do too and to display my agreement — this post will speak for me.

People all over the world steal, evade taxes, commit murder, grind while working three jobs — for what? Money? No. People are motivated by happiness and not for racking up more stacks of money.

People believe that money can buy happiness but they are sadly mistaken. Rich people are depressed about their first world problems & poor people are happy and thankful for their life.

At the end of the day, the belief of the existense of something higher than our ego and power is enough to keep people HAPPY.

HAPPINESS IS THE KEY and that is what religion offers them.

It is not about the existence of God but about the happiness they get that someone, something can take away their problems for just a moment for them so that they can live in the present HAPPILY.

So, is science just another religion?

That is simple. Unless you are an anarchist where you do not believe in any particular order/higher power, you seek for sanity.

Beliving in something keeps you sane.

Correction — Nowadays, I call myself ‘Agnostic’ thanks to my cousin’s ridiculously-good vocabulary (Thank you, Swaminathan). Agnosticism is when you respect other religions while believing in the proof-driven nature of science.

Discuss your opinions and your suggestions in the comments and just to reiterate, this post is not written to set off people who believe in religion and in the existence of God. Please be civil while defending your opinion. This post exists just to merely share my views on (what I believe is) the hottest topic I always wanted to properly share during my high school days.

If you share/agree with my views displayed in this post, please share it with your social circle. I don’t seek your claps but for this post to reach as many people as possible. If you love short reads like this, do have a look at my other posts here.

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