the power of initiative

Photo by Ket Monnyreak on Unsplash
Photo by Lochie Blanch on Unsplash

‘You get to go because you hit it’

‘You have to because its yours’

‘You should go and get it because I covered you when both of us didn’t do our Math homework last week’

We had a watchwoman in our apartment who also is responsible for switching the motor on/off so that we can get uninterrupted running water supply. During the onset of the pandemic, she was asked to stay at home which means that we all have to take turns to do her job so that we can get a regular supply of water. I remember hearing everyone complaining about how they have to do this on a regular schedule and how it hurt their backs. They even suggested to automate that process but nobody was ready to take the initiative, except for one. She understood everybody’s greviances and it was hers as well. So, she got a contact from one of her relatives who had this system installed in her apartment as well. Setup a meeting with the seller, coordinated with the installation and….we had the system up and running in the apartment within a week. All of the owners/tenants went through this cycle for 7 months and she broke it within a week. The funniest thing? It costed less than INR 2,000/- per apartment for interrupted water supply without any human intervention.

Now, that is the Power of Initiative.

If you want something, go get it. Its right there.



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