giving in.

Not on your dreams or goals! But on seemingly unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings that are continuing to destroy relationships every day.

So, if you are asking yourself —

Why should I give in and take the fall?

Well, then you should understand the basic principle of a misunderstanding when it gets out of hand — something will fall apart for sure —

It's either your ego or an entire relationship.

Feel free to think this through though because all choices (and especially this one) deserves the time.

To drive my point home, strap in for an actual real-life event that happened during my college days that we can all learn from —

Two of my friends were having a leisure conversation at the classroom. Being (college and you know) guys, they were messing around with each other. But, one of them was set off by something so much that he hurled a notebook right at him which left the other one bleeding in his eyes. It was all quiet for a moment. Now comes the best part, the one who got hurt yelled at him but didn’t hit him back — as I have mentioned in one of my other stories, it's all about choices. Mind you, the one who got hurt was obviously pissed off at the other guy but his choice of not getting back at him saved a friendship from further damage. The worst part? This misunderstanding aside, they were close friends. Imagine if he chose to get back at him just like all of us would have done, it would have left both of them with a lifetime of physical and emotional damage.

I still remember praising my friend (the victim) for not getting back at him while the rest of his gang said otherwise.

Update? Time did heal all the wounds — figuratively & literally.

If you are wondering whose fault it is, you missed the point. You might want to read this over again.

So, is the takeaway of this story to let people walk over you all the time? Absolutely not.

It is to take a second to think before you act. Sometimes, it is okay to give in, especially if it can save a relationship.


The time you spent reading will always be appreciated!



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